Best Bread to Use for Stuffing

10 Best Breads to Use for Stuffing: Tested & Ranked

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Throughout the festive period, individuals make ready to treat their dear ones with a delectable stuffing made from a sizeable chicken or turkey. This mouth-watering plate enhances the taste of various meals including vegetables and seafood.

But the perfect stuffing usually lies on the bread used. So, what is the best bread to use for stuffing?

Our team conducted thorough research and interviewed moms, grandmoms, and professional chefs to find the most recommended bread types for stuffing. Stay tuned!

Top 10 Bread Types To Use For Stuffing 

1. White Bread

White Bread on a Baking Rack

Flavor: Slight sweetness with a neutral flavor profile

Texture: Tight crumb with a natural fluffy texture

Our Verdict: When making stuffing, white bread is the best choice for delicious stuffing as it absorbs the butter and the broth better.

Even if you decide to add other ingredients to your stuffing, white bread will make it the star of the dish. Instead of using regular or stale bread, try white bread.

2. Cornbread

Whole Cornbread

Flavor: unsweetened, but there are pre-seasoned store-bought cornbread

Texture: Tight texture with small holes

Our Verdict: For cornbread fans – did you know that cornbread is one of the best bread for stuffing (chicken or turkey)?

We usually bake our cornbread loaf using our oven (or cast-iron pan) to make stuffing. This way, we get to achieve the flavors we want, and we’re assured of making the best stuffing.

This includes the addition of poultry seasoning, celery, and onion, then cooked in a combination of olive oil and butter.

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3. Bagel 

Homemade Bagel 

Flavor: Mild

Texture: Tight and dense

Our Verdict: A good quality slice of bread is a must for absorbing meat juices. Bagel is the right choice as these are mild in savor and incredibly dense.

You might think a bagel is too heavy for a stuffing recipe, but it’s our preference. If you prefer something a little more fluffy, try something else.

4. Whole Wheat Bread

Whole Wheat Bread on a White Plate

Flavor: Sweet and nutty

Texture: Fluffy andtight texture

Our Verdict: Whole Wheat is one the best bread for stuffing recipes for its tight crumb and fluffy consistency.

It’s easy to control the absorption of mostly water than juices using this dough, and you can prevent the stuffing from being soggy or too dry.

If you love stuffing that’s a little moist; we suggest using whole wheat. But how long will wheat bread last in the fridge?

5. Sourdough 

Freshly Baked Sourdough

Flavor: Sour and tangy

Texture: Open crumb and crisp crust

Our Verdict: If you are a fan of sourdough bread, then you should try it in your homemade stuffing.

Sourdough has tangy flavors and a crisp crust with a unique open structure preventing it from absorbing other flavors and juices.

“The smell of good bread baking, like the sound of lightly flowing water, is indescribable in its evocation of innocence and delight.”

– Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher, American Food Writer

Although it tastes a bit sour, it’s a good alternative to regular bread if you have too many sweet recipes on the Thanksgiving table, like a sweet potato casserole dish or glazed carrots.

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6. Challah 

Challah bread

Flavor: richer than white bread

Texture: Stingy, tight crumb/ soft and airy

Our Verdict: Compared to white bread, Challa has added eggs to the dough, giving a built-in airiness and a tight crumb with a pudding-like feel.

It adds a richer flavor to other stuffing ingredients.

7. Martin’s Stuffing Cubes

Bread Cubes on a pan

Flavor: Buttery, potato-rich

Texture: Slightly toasted and cubed

Our Verdict: Martin’s Stuffing Cubes is potato bread with a creamy taste. If you want to prepare an easy stuffing recipe, use Martin’s, as it’s already bite-sized and created specifically for Thanksgiving stuffing.

This alternative is a cost-effective ingredient for your favorite stuffing, always ready to be baked freshly in an oven.

8. Brioche

Brioche Loaf

Flavor: Rich

Texture:  Very tight texture with low hydration

Our Verdict: Similar to white bread and Challah, Brioche has an enriched, tight texture, which makes it a good stuffing bread. Unlike other bread cubes, we like how it’s easier to find in the market.

Its rich flavors make for a great stuffing bread, whether for a Thanksgiving dinner or something for the happy holidays.

9. Baguette

French Baguettes

Flavor: Flavorful yet dry

Texture: Open crumbs and a dry bread

Our Verdict: Using baguette bread in a stuffing recipe is new for us. Yet, we gave it a try (cause we want to deviate from the classic stuffing), and the results taste good.

The open structure (big holes) isn’t ideal for absorbing juices but still produces a flavorful and slightly dry stuffing. Try French baguettes, as it’s a great alternative if you want something different.

10. Focaccia 

Focaccia Bread

Flavor: Sweet and savory

Texture: Fluffy, bread-like loaf with high hydration

Our Verdict: Focaccia bread has strong flavors, so it’s the perfect choice if you like stuffing with powerful spices.

This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this is a good bread for stuffing. It doesn’t have the neutral flavor of traditional bread for stuffing, so it gives a twist.

Chef Tip: Aside from the best bread listed above, you can experiment with French bread, any day-old bread [1], and English muffins. These types of bread can give different results that might suit your taste buds. 

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What is the best soft bread for stuffing?

The best soft bread for stuffing is Italian or French bread, Challah, Brioche, or cornbread. You might want to avoid any white sandwich bread or highly hydrated bread and dough.

Can you use Italian bread for stuffing?

Yes, you can use Italian bread for stiffing. You can use any high-quality bread as long as it suits your style and budget.

Is stale or toasted bread better for stuffing?

Stale is the best bread for stuffing compared to toasted bread. Although you can use a wide range of bread types, such as frozen waffles [2], cornbread, and bagels, to make stuffing, it’s important to first dry or “stale” the ingredients. Doing so will prevent the stuffing from becoming a soggy mess.

Is dense bread good for stuffing?

Dense bread is good for stuffing if you prefer drier stuffing. But if you’re like us, you better use freshly-baked white sandwich bread or French bread.

Key Takeaways

Our research shows that the best bread for stuffing is Sourdough, Whole Wheat, Focaccia, Brioche, Baguette, Bagels, Martin’s Cubes, Challah, and White Bread.

Depending on the consistency and dryness or moisture level you prefer, there is surely one or two bread that might suit your style.


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