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15 Best Danish Butter Cookies Brands To Try: Guide

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For years, people have treasured traditional butter cookies, created with simple ingredients such as flour, sugar, and butter. Their velvety and sweet flavor that effortlessly dissolves in your mouth is the reason why these cookies continue to be a well-loved favorite.

These cookies are great for any occasion, including family gatherings or holidays. But, with all the choices in the market, what brands stand out the most?

Stop wondering and check out our list of the best Danish butter cookie brands you shouldn’t miss. 

Top 15 Danish Butter Cookies Brands You Should Try

15. Royal Dansk

Average Price: approx. $6.76/24oz

Why We Like It: Royal Dansk butter cookies have fun, unique shapes. These are non-GMO, non-contaminated cookies made with no artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors. 

We like the overall taste and the crispiness of these cookies and the generous portion size.

14. Danisa

danisa butter cookies in can

Average Price: approx. $10.49/454g

Why We Like It: We like Danisa butter cookies’ unique flavor and tenderness. This is a great choice if you want some treats for any holiday celebrations. 

If you want to try this cookie, you better buy them personally to avoid them being crumbly upon delivery. 

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13. Bisca

Average Price: approx. $24.58/1.36kg 

Why We Like It: These Danish butter cookies are perfect for the entire family. We like how these cookies are made with all-natural ingredients and presented in a reusable tin. 

Besides, there are 240 cookies inside the tin, making it an ideal gift.

12. Bauducco

Hand Holding Can of Bauducco butter cookies

Average Price: approx. $7.99/12oz 

Why We Like It: Bauducco is a creamy and delicious butter cookie – a perfect treat for any occasion. We like the real butter flavor, a traditional and satisfying snack. 

Overall, it’s very fresh and savory. We enjoyed this butter cookie with milk, actually. Check out these delicious Crumbl cookie flavors here.

11. Biscoff

Average Price: approx. $10.14/8.80z 

Why We Like It: Biscoff is a classic European cookie, best served with coffee. We like its thin and crisp texture that melts in the mouth. 

Besides, its unique flavor, crunchy bite, and iconic shape add to the interesting edge of this cookie. 

10. Kjeldsens

Average Price: approx. $18.99/16oz 

Why We Like It: We’d say that these are the best butter cookies around. Unfortunately, they’re hard to find in the market. We like the combination of the sweet and savory taste and the crunchy texture. If you like sweets like us, you’ll love their sugary and buttery flavor. 

9. Kelsen

Kelsen Danish Butter Cookies

Average Price: approx. $47.99/1.8kg 

Why We Like It: Kelsen Danish cookies are made with the finest ingredients, so don’t worry about artificial colors and preservatives. 

These cookies are an ideal complement to coffee or milk. We like how it comes in reusable handy tins and has various shapes, adding to the fun of eating.

8. Domino’s 

Average Price: approx. $2/200g

Why We Like It: This pure butter cookie is tasty and crispy. It’s made with pure butter, so expect a savory flavor. 

We are impressed it’s not overly sweet and has some egg flavors, perfect for morning or afternoon snacks. 

7. Ole & Lena 

Butter Cookies on a Pan

Average Price: approx. $8.99/3oz

Why We Like It: These novelty fortune cookies from Lena & Ole have been very popular at various events, such as weddings and parties. 

It’s a good deal; each pack contains about a dozen cookies. We like the buttery flavor and crunchiness. It melts in the mouth. 

6. Great Value

Average Price: approx. $4.66/41.4oz

Why We Like It: Great Value butter biscuits are the perfect start to the day. We like how the brand uses high-quality ingredients, creating flaky butter biscuits. 

We enjoy this best with jam or butter, or eat the biscuits with eggs, fruit, or even bacon, on the side. 

5. Sherwood

Average Price: approx. $29.99/set 

Why We Like It: Sherwood cookies are made with the finest ingredients, creating a melt-in-the-mouth cookie texture. 

The variety of shapes and the flavors of butter adds to the enjoyment. They’re equally delicious as other cookie brands, and they’re crunchy, too. 

“Funny, how one good cookie could calm the mind and even elevate a troubled soul.”

– Dean Koontz, American Author.

4. Benton’s

Homemade Butter Cookies

Average Price: approx. $14.49/12oz 

Why We Like It: Benton’s butter cookies always taste fresh and tasty – not your typical cookies. Every bite is enjoyable and satisfying. 

It has the right amount of sweetness. We usually give these cookies [1] as a treat to kids during holidays. 

3. ZerGut 

Average Price: approx. $8.99/16oz 

Why We Like It: These yummy cookies from ZerGut are not just a simple snack but also a perfect gift for children and adults. 

It’s crispy and sweet and comes in a handy tin can. This is an underrated cookie, but this is really a must-try. Full buttery flavors – Danish style. 

2. Cambridge & Thames

Cambridge & Thames Danish Style Butter Cookies

Average Price: approx. $4.56/40z

Why We Like It: If you avoid sweets but want a good cookie, we recommend having Cambridge and Thames butter cookies. 

It’s not sweet, and it’s a bite-size [2] cookie, so it is ideal for those on a diet. But if you’re into sweets, you might pass on this one, as you’ll find it too bland. 

1. Trader Joe’s

Average Price: approx. $31.50/16oz 

Why We Like It: Our favorite Danish butter cookie is Trader Joe’s for its crunchy texture, sweet taste, and tasty flavor. 

Trust us when we say this is tastier than Biscoff. If you like Biscoff, Trader Joe’s is more savory – perfect for kids and adults. 

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Where are Danish butter cookies made?

Danish butter cookies, or butter biscuits, are originally made in Denmark. These are made by combining flour, sugar, and butter. 

These are the same as other cookie types; it’s just the flavor that’s different. But what are the best-selling girl scout cookie brands?

Are Danish butter cookies good?

Yes, Danish butter cookies are really good. There are sweet and slightly sweet ones, so choose which sweetness level you prefer. 

Though not all Danish butter cookies are good, they are mostly really savory, like Trader Joe’s, Biscoff, Royal Dansk, and many more. 

Final Say  

Now you will be clear about which pack or tin of butter cookies to choose at grocery stores. Everything from the Royal Dansk to Biscoff to Trader Joe’s is delicious, fresh, and crispy. 

Just consider the sweetness you want, and choose any brand in this list. Whether for your morning or afternoon snack or even midnight, these cookies brands won’t disappoint you. 


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