Best Edible Markers For Cookies

10 Best Edible Markers For Cookies Decoration: Buyer’s Guide

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Both amateur and professional bakers frequently embellish cookies as part of their baking routine. This is usually accomplished with the help of food pens or edible markers to make unique patterns on the cookies.

These edible markers must be tasteless, odorless, and well-saturated to prevent them from ruining your cookies. 

Here are some of the best edible markers for cookies we often use in baking. 

Top 10 Edible Markers For Your Cookies

1. Wilton FoodWriter Edible Markers Set

Writing on a Cookie

Average Price: around $6-8

Color Selection: black, yellow, blue, green, and red

Why We Like It:

As the first product on our list of best edible markers for cookies, Wilton Food Writer Edible Markers comes in five different colors.

It used to be available in 3 sets with thicknesses ranging from delicate to bold points, equating to 15 colorful markers. 

Each marker can outline decorations or designs on your baked sugar cookies. The markers dried fast enough, preventing any smudge marks.

It has varying effects when used to decorate marshmallows, but drawing dots would work better than drawing straight lines. The markers do not work with white chocolate, but they work well in the fondant and royal icing of cakes.

2. Black Dual-Tip Super Fine Edible Marker

Average Price: around $5-7

Color Selection: black

Why We Like It:

These edible markers come with a thick tip perfect for calligraphy, coloring, and drawing wider lines and a very fine tip for drawing little dots. 

“Once the royal icing is totally dry on your cookies, you can draw on any design you like. It’s as easy as sketching with a marker!”

– Lisa Kaminski, Editor at Taste of Home

A dual-tipped pen is excellent for writing on fondant, macarons, chocolate, and royal icing. The package has three vegan and gluten-free black markers made with food-grade ingredients.

3. Bakerpan Food Coloring Markers

Hand Holding Bakerpan Food Coloring Markers

Average Price: around $7-8

Color Selection: black

Why We Like It:

Like regular markers, Bakerpan Food Coloring Markers are reusable and have a very saturated black color. It works amazingly in decorating cookies, adding last touches, and incorporating more details into the design. 

The set has three edible markers. It features a very fine tip that would let you write labels on your pills or vitamins, aside from using these edible markers for decorations.

The length of the tip is also enough to give you more control over the markers. 

The markers didn’t impart flavors when we used them on our sugar cookies. It also works well when drawing on our macarons and marshmallows. 

4. AmeriColor Gourmet Writer Food Decorator Pens 

Average Price: around $8-9

Color Selection: Black Only, Patriotic (red and blue), Halloween (black and orange), Valentine’s Day (red and pink), Easter (yellow and purple), St. Patrick’s Day (green and black), and Christmas Day (red and green) 

Why We Like It:

You can buy AmeriColor Gourmet Writer Food Pens in different combinations, giving you two colored pens to match any occasion or holiday. Decorating and baking cookies have become a popular holiday tradition since the 1940s [1]

For instance, making cookies during the Christmas Holidays with red and green food decorator pens creates more fun and delectable desserts. Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s combinations are available. 

On the other hand, you can also buy a Black Only set, perfect for writing and outlining decorations in the cookies, fondant, and royal icing.

5. Nomeca Flexible Brush Tip Food Coloring Markers 

Colorful Edible Markers

Average Price: around $14-15

Color Selection: black, red, orange, fluorescent yellow, green, sky blue, dark blue, pink, fuchsia, and bright pink

Why We Like It:

The soft and flexible brush lets you write delicate details and bold lines and paint different colors of large areas of cookies, fondant, royal icing, and cakes. 

The colors do not bleed and ruin the royal icing and buttercream frosting, but it would not be suitable to use in chocolate.

As one of the best edible markers, these products are made of quality ingredients for a great price that you can use on any occasion.

The colors being unstable in high heat is our only complaint. 

6. Domi Baby Edible Markers

Average Price: around $13-14

Color Selection: black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, gray, and dark green

Why We Like It:

One of the best edible markers for cookies is the Domi Edible Markers, composed of double-pointed markers with ten different colors. These markers are so easy to use that you can design macarons, fondant, donuts, and chocolate with kids.

The smooth wide tip is for decorating and coloring, while the soft fine tip is for writing broader lines. It has no off smell or taste that some markers have, and the colors are vibrant enough to match the theme of your occasion. 

The only drawback we encountered was how fast the color faded after putting it on the baked goods.

7. Rainbow Dust Professional Cake Decorators Food Pen 

Average Price: around $3-10

Color Selection: black, silver gray, chocolate, gold, dark chocolate, navy blue, teal, dark gold, leaf green, red, orange, royal blue, sky blue, yellow, holly green, dusky pink, grape violet, and burgundy 

Why We Like It:

Unlike other markers available as a set, you may purchase Rainbow Dust Decorators Food Pen individually. It has many colors ranging from black to grape violet and burgundy, giving you multiple options when designing macarons or other cookies. 

The pens have a 0.5mm super fine point, a 2.5mm thick nib, and free-flowing ink for easier use without too much pressure.

8. Foodoodler Fine Line Markers

Edible Food Markers on Sugar Cookies

Average Price: around $15-16

Color Selection: black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, navy blue, and brown

Why We Like It:

These markers of the Foodoodler Fine Line have vibrant colors, creating a design pretty well on baked goods. It is a gluten-free product, imparting no smell or taste to the macarons or other cookies. 

We sometimes use this brand if our Wilton Foodwriter is unavailable, and it works almost the same. However, when using them to decorate sugar cookies with royal icing, these markers take more time to dry than other brands. 

It is also more expensive than most brands on the list when you buy on Amazon. 

9. WPVTRA Food Coloring Pens, Double Sided Edible Markers

Average Price: around $10-11

Color Selection: black, red, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, blue, purple, pink, and brown

Why We Like It:

Among the best edible markers for cookies on our list is from the WPVTRA brand. The ink of these markers is safe and healthy. It does not bleed, has no taste, and won’t fade, preventing the ink from ruining the appearance of the cookies.

“Cookie decorating never gets stale. There’s always some new technique, some new tool, some new thing [bakers are] implementing.”

– Karen Summers, Cookie Con Co-Founder

But because of how fast these markers ran out of ink, we put this one near the bottom of our list of best edible markers. In addition, these markers are unsuitable for waxy or soft surfaces like chocolate and ice cream.

10. Chefmaster Double-Sided Food Coloring Markers

Writing on a Cookie Using Edible Markers

Average Price: around $13-14

Color Selection: black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, pink, brown, and dark green

Why We Like It:

The Chefmaster Double-Sided Food Coloring works well with royal icing, macarons, cakes, and fondant, and it is 100% edible. 

Like the previous edible markers on our list, these products also have two tips, leaving more room for your decorative ideas to shine. It is easy to use, and you only have to ensure the icing has already hardened before using the edible markers. 

Despite all the qualities we love, these edible markers do not work well with white chocolate. Besides, the colors would also bleed into the icing, causing the smudge to ruin the cookies.

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How To Take Care & Store Edible Markers for Cookies

The proper way to use your edible markers or pen is by covering them after decorating your cookies. Store the markers or pens upside down in a dry, cool place. 

These food pens are regular markers used to decorate the surface of royal icing or a plain cookie [2]. Like regular markers, these edible pens are also available in a ton of points and colors, letting you decorate cookies with more details to fit any occasion.

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Tips & Tricks When Using Edible Markers

  • Allow the royal icing to dry for one and a half hours at room temperature or until the icing is completely set before using the edible markers [3]
  • Place your cookies, such as macarons, in a steady place before drawing or painting using edible markers. However, macarons can be ruined if you use too much pressure.
  • Use a sugar cookie recipe that resembles a shortbread instead of a chewy cookie if you plan for a decorated product [4].
  • You can freeze cookies decorated with edible markers, but they may smudge after taking them out, so do it cautiously.

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Are edible markers for cookies safe to consume?

Yes, edible markers for cookies are safe to consume if it is FDA-approved. A ton of colorful markers are available in the market, making baking and eating cookies more exciting. 

Do edible markers work on cookies?

Yes, edible markers work on cookies, especially for designing these desserts. But it is not just for cookies; edible markers also work on marshmallows, fondant, royal icing, cakes, and, sometimes, chocolate.

How do you use edible markers on cookies?

Edible markers worked best on cookies with icing, allowing you to have more delicate designs. Just ensure that the icing is dry before using the edible markers. 

What is the best edible marker for fondant cookies? 

The best edible marker for fondant cookies is the Wilton FoodWriter Set. It is a good quality brand, offering the best colors for beginners and professionals to decorate fondant cookies. 

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Final Thoughts

Our team chose the set of Wilton FoodWriter Markers as the best edible markers for cookies because of their vivid colors and fast setting.

The markers are suitable for beginners because they only contain primary colors, preventing you from being overwhelmed with complicated designs. 

The most common edible pen or marker is black because it stands out in royal icing and enhances the general image of any decoration. 


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  1. I’ll be baking cookies with my nieces this weekend, so I wanted to buy food pens and edible markers we can use to decorate our baked goods. I appreciate your tip when you told us to set the icing to dry for an hour and a half first before we use edible markers on the surface. I’ll make sure to follow this once I buy the metal-detectable food pens I’ll be needing for the cookies soon.

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