Best Selling Girl Scout Cookie 

13 Best Selling Girl Scout Cookie Brands To Try

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The Girl Scout cookie wins the hearts of cookie lovers everywhere with its fantastic variety of flavors like chocolate, coconut, mint, and lemon.

If you have yet to try these cookies, you are missing something delicious. However, not all people like these cookies. 

So, our team tried and tasted some cookies to find the best-selling Girl Scout cookie to give you a glimpse of the treats you need to try first. Check out our list.

Top 13 Best-Selling Gir Scout Cookies 

13. Adventurefuls

Boxes of  Adventurefuls Cookies

We were initially excited to try the Adventurefuls cookies because we thought they might become our new favorite. 

It tastes good but could be better. It’s not overly sweet, though, and the texture is crispy. There are better options than Adventurefuls, but to complete the Girl Scout cookie, this is a must-try. 

12. Toffee-Tastic

Toffee-Tastic Cookies

Toffe-tastic is an excellent option for those looking for a gluten-free cookie snack. We find this one a bit dry, still tastes good. 

Every wheat-loving scout will love this cookie. This is a crumbly but a bit hard cookie, similar to biscotti. So, we recommend dipping it into tea or coffee. 

11. Toast-Yay!

Toast-Yay! Foil Pack

These cookies ooze with cinnamon toast crunch cereal. We like the rich and creamy layer of icing, and the flavor of the cinnamon and ginger quickly melts in the mouth.

Besides, these large cookies are almost as big as the palm. So, it’s a really satisfying treat. 

Unfortunately, they only come in certain regions, like Philadelphia, Kansas City, and Minneapolis, which makes them hard to find [1]. 

10. Do-si-dos (Peanut Butter Sandwich)

Box of Do-si-dos Peanut Butter Sandwich

These Do-si-do sandwiches are soft and crumbly. The center is filled with peanut butter, and the crackers taste like peanut butter. 

Unlike the Tagalongs, Do-si-do tastes more like natural peanut butter, except for artificial flavors. But what are the best Danish butter cookies brand?

9. Trefoils

Trefoils Cookies

Although they may look like plain holiday cookies, these Trefoils have a distinct taste. We like the sweet and creamy texture that’s not overpowering, and they pair well with coffee. 

This simple shortbread is made with the Girl Scouts logo and features a soft and crunchy texture that melts in the mouth like cotton candy. 

8. Lemon-Ups

Lemon-Ups Cookies

This cookie engraves uplifting messages, perfect for girl scouts. It has a fruit-forward flavor and is scented with fresh-pressed lemon. 

Its bottom also has a lemon glaze that adds a bit of tang to the cookie’s flavor. We would recommend Lemon-ups with iced tea.

“Behind every box is a girl learning important skills to power her leadership journey and unlock a world of opportunities.”

– Wendy Lou, Scouts’ Chief Revenue Officer

Aside from the uplifting messages, we like the light and crisp cookie. 

7. Lemonades

Girl Scouts Lemonades Cookies

The taste of Lemonades is similar to lemon meringue pie, but the icing makes this taste so good. 

This is one of the large cookies that the Girl Scouts sell, and it’s thin enough to eat in a couple of bites. But if you’re craving a more lemon-flavored cookie, try the Lemon-Ups.

6. Caramel Chocolate Chip

Pack of Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie

Accompanied by a hint of sea salt, these gluten-free cookies are made with semisweet chocolate chips and luscious caramel pieces.

The texture is soft and pleasant, and it has large chocolate chunks, but it’s not as sweet as a regular chocolate chip. Still, we like its caramel flavor. But what are the best store-bought oatmeal cookies?

5. Samoas (Caramel deLites)

Caramel deLites Cookies

If you like a classic cookie, we suggest trying Samoas. It’s the only Girl Scout cookie with a classic, soft texture. It’s crumbly, like other cookies, but the flavor is really savory. 

If you’re a fanatic of coconut and chocolate like us, you should take advantage of Samoas Caramel deLites. 

4. Girl Scout S’mores

Girl Scout S'mores on a Countertop

These Girl Scout S’mores cookies are soft and have a creamy chocolate filling with a sweet marshmallow taste. 

We tried microwaving it, and the chocolate and marshmallow filling melted nicely. They taste more like that a campfire s’more. This is a must-try. 

Check out these best store-bought lemon cookies here.

3. Tagalongs (Peanut Butter Patties)

Tagalongs Crispy Cookies

Although these cookies taste somewhat different from those made by other bakeries, they have a good overall flavor. 

The upper layer of the cookie is soft peanut butter, while the lower layer is filled with a crunchy crust. The entire thing is covered in a chocolate coating. 

2. Thin Mints

Girl Scout Thin Mints

We like Thin Mints because it melts in the mouth, and its chocolate-mint flavor, similar to Andes mints, is so savory. From its name, it’s really thin but has the right amount of crunch.

Suppose you plan on tasting other Girl Scout cookies after. Better not to start with Thin Mints. The mint flavor lingers on the mouth, which may overpower the flavors of other cookies. 

Tip: The perfect time to eat Thin Mints is after a garlicky meal to help you clean your palate. (It’s the next thought to brushing your teeth. (LOL!) 

1. Raspberry Rally Cookies

Boxes Girl Scouts Raspberry Rally

These new Raspberry Rally cookies are very interesting. The outside resembles Thin Mints, but the inside resembles a soft cookie. 

The dark pink center is enticing, and the flavor is not overpowering. Overall, we like how it tastes interestingly good in every bite.

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What’s the new Girl Scout cookie for 2023?

Raspberry Rally is the new Girl Scout cookie this 2023 [2]. The Girl Scouts of America claim that this cookie is the sister treat of Thin Mints. 

It’s filled with raspberries and has a chocolate coating.

What Girl Scout Cookies taste different in 2023? 

The Girl Scout cookie that tastes different could be Samous (coconut), Trefoils (cotton candy), and Raspberry Rally (raspberries). 

Final Thoughts 

With all the variations of flavors of the best-selling girl scout cookies, they cater to different taste buds — from sweet to lemon to mint. 

All these cookies are tasty and flavorful, but the top favorite is Thin Mints, ever since. However, with the launch of the new Raspberry Rally cookies, many discover there’s better than Thin Mints. 

This cookie is a hot topic among cookie fans. It’s not just hype because it’s really delicious. But if you like other flavors, we suggest trying all Girl Scout cookies and seeing which satisfies your tastebuds.  


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