Best Store-Bought Lemon Cookies

15 Best Store-Bought Lemon Cookies Tasted & Ranked

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Many people love peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, but there are so many **lemon cookie** brands out there that might just make you change your mind.

We curated a list of the best store-bought lemon cookies you can buy on your next trip to the grocery store. 

Top 15 Lemon Cookies: Store-Bought Options

15. Stauffer’s

Woman Pack Stauffer's Lemon Cookies

Why We Like It: Stauffer’s Lemon Snaps Cookies boasts a nice lemon flavor that will not disappoint. We tried it once as a substitute for a lemon pie crust, and it was amazing. 

Stauffer’s lemon cookies are crunchy and do not break easily. Also, the flavor explodes on our palate, and we like the ratio of lemon and sugar on the cookies. It’s best to get it as a snack for road trips. 

14. Rustic Bakery Meyer Lemon Shortbread Cookies

Why We Like It: Rustic Bakery Meyer Lemon Shortbread Cookies are worth trying because they are handmade from locally sourced and premium quality ingredients. 

We were impressed with the combination of buttery shortbread and Meyer lemon. It is an elegant dessert or snack with the right flavors and a nice cookie texture.

13. Lance

Why We Like It: If you are a fan of sandwich cookies, you better try Lance Nekot Lemon sandwich cookies. It combines cookie treats with creamy, tangy, and delicious lemon filling. 

Lance has the right amount of filling-cookie ratio, and the creamy and bright lemon tastes will make you want another piece. 

We consumed the whole eight packs on our taste test because we couldn’t stop eating them. 

12. Mi-Del

pack of Mi-Del Lemon Cookies

Why We Like It: The packaging of Mi-Del looks like regular lemon cookies, but as we open it, the rich lemon aroma welcomes us, which is very impressive for a store-bought cookie.  

Aside from the aroma of lemon, it has the right balance of natural lemon flavor, organic cane sugar, and wheat flour. 

It is excellent and crispy, with a refreshing and tangy lemon flavor that lemon lovers will surely like. 

11. Wow Baking

Why We Like It: If you want a gluten-free lemon cookie option, try Wow Baking Lemon Bursts Cookie. 

Our every bite is full of lemon goodness, leaving us wanting more. Also, it is soft and flavorful because it uses natural lemon oil and gluten-free flour. It pairs perfectly with afternoon tea or coffee. 

10. J & M Foods Lemon Cookies

Why We Like It: J & M Foods Lemon Cookies are easy to find and frequently available in most local stores. We like that it is buttery, tart, light, salty, and sweet all at the same time. 

It can be pricey for some, but these lemon cookies are chewy and chewy, which is a bang for your buck. 

9. Oreo

Man Holding Pack of Oreo Lemon Cookies

Why We Like It: If you haven’t tried these Golden Oreos, what’s stopping you? The Oreo Lemon Flavored Creme golden sandwich makes a good impression.

The sweet vanilla taste from the cookies and the tangy creme filling explodes in our taste buds and lingers after the last bite. 

8. Maddy’s Sweet Shop Lemon Shortbread Cookies

Why We Like It: Maddy’s Sweet Shop Lemon Shortbread Cookies are sweet and citrusy, ideal for those with a sweet tooth. 

It is slightly crunchy, light on our first bite, and melts in our mouths. The store-bought cookie is fresh, sweet, and irresistible, plus it is vacuum-sealed to ensure maximum freshness. 

But why does the top of my lemon bars have a crust?

7. Dewey’s Bakery

Box of Dewey's Bakery Lemon Cookies

Why We Like It: Calling all thin cookie lovers because we have here Dewey’s Bakery thin cookies that are big on flavor. It has a zesty and bright flavor that brings instant sunshine to every bite. 

It has the right balance of tart and sweet flavor, thanks to its Meyer Lemon oil, lemon zest, and cane sugar. We’re halfway through their 9-ounce box, and we can’t stop eating because it’s light and refreshing. 

6. Archway

Box of Archway Lemon Cookies

Why We Like It: Archway lemon cookies taste great as it looks as it comes in a flower pattern with delicious icing on top. 

It is a soft frosty lemon cookie with a sweet, delicate, and mouthwatering aroma. We like that the tartness does not overpower but is still present on every bite. 

5. Dare

Box of Dare Lemon Cookies

Why We Like It: Dare Ultimate Lemon Creme cookies gave us the satisfying crunch and tanginess that we are looking for in a lemon cookie. 

“It’s much harder to be sad while eating a cookie.”

– Jane Lee Logan, Author

Every bite melts in our mouth because it contains no artificial flavoring and is made from real lemons. But what is the best store-bought puff pastry dough?

4. Thinsters

Pack of Thinsters Lemon Cookies

Why We Like It: Thinster lemon cookies are crispy with a sweet tang and robust lemony finish. 

As we open the packaging, the aroma of lemon fills the air, and the sweet and lemon flavor complements each other. 

The bite-sized cookies are made from non-GMO ingredients, meaning they are non-genetically modified [1] and free from corn syrup, peanuts, and hydrogenated oils. 

3. Girl Scout

Man Holding Girl Scout Lemon Cookies

Why We Like It: Girl Scout cookies come in two options: Lemonades and Lemon-Ups, which we both tried. 

The Lemonades are refreshing and savory shortbread cookies with lemon-flavored icing on top. The Lemon-Ups are crispy cookies with inspiring messages on top.

Both have the right texture and balanced sweetness and tanginess. But what are the best-selling girl scout cookie brands?

2. Flathau’s Fine Foods Lemon Snaps

Why We Like It: Flathau’s Fine Food Lemon Snaps are gourmet cookies with the right balance of citrus and sweet flavor. It has a light texture, is slightly crunchy, and is ideal for snacking. 

The pleasant lemon flavor hits our taste buds as we bite Flathau’s lemon snaps. It is best paired with a cup of tea or coffee. Check out these delicious Lemon & Larry cookie flavors here.

1. Tate’s Bake Shop

Hand Holding Pack of Tate's Bake Shop Lemon Cookies

Why We Like It: Have you experienced love at first bite? Tate’s Bake Shop won our hearts; we can’t just eat one. 

We’ve tried their chocolate chip cookies previously, but their lemon cookies amaze us more. It is off-the-chart delicious, and the flavors are very satisfying, light, and melt in your mouth. 



Are lemon cookies made from lemons?

Yes, lemon cookies are made from lemons, but it also needs flour, sugar, eggs, and more to complete the recipe. Lemon acts as flavorings for the cookies. 

But what are the best milk bar cookies?

Does Walmart sell lemon cookies?

Yes, Walmart sells lemon cookies. They have a wide selection of lemon cookies like Tate’s, Oreos, Lance, and many more. 

Check out these edible markers to decorate cookies here.

How long do store-bought lemon cookies last? 

Unopened Store bought lemon cookies can last 2-5 months, while opened ones can last for weeks. It will help if you store it in the freezer to last longer [2].  

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In a Nutshell

Tate’s Bake Shop Lemon Cookies is the best store-bought lemon cookies we have ever tried. They are flavorful, crispy, delicious, and crunchy cookies. 

It is easy to find in most grocery stores and can satisfy your sweet and tangy cravings.

What’s your favorite store-bought lemon cookie? Let us know by commenting down below. 


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