Does Crumbl Cookie Have Ice Cream

Does Crumbl Cookies Have Ice Cream Flavors? Revealed

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Crumbl Cookies has gained recognition for its wide selection of freshly baked cookies.

But does Crumbl Cookies have ice cream flavors, too?

It’s a question that many dessert lovers find themselves asking, especially those looking to pair a warm cookie with a scoop of cool, creamy delight. 

Is Ice Cream Included In Crumbl Cookies’ Menu?

Box of Cookies

What’s better than a delicious, warm, soft cookie? Indeed, the only thing that might elevate such a treat is pairing it with silky smooth ice cream [1]. 

Recognizing this, some Crumbl Cookies locations have introduced Crumbl Cream, offering flavors like Snickerdoodle, raspberry cheesecake, and peanut butter brittle to satisfy those indulgent cravings. 

However, not all locations regularly carry this delectable addition. In a proactive response to customer demand, the company announced via a Facebook post that they were working diligently to make ice cream available in all its stores. 

“Baking cookies is comforting, and cookies are the sweetest little bit of comfort food. They are very bite-sized and personal.”

– Sandra Lee, American Chef

The expansion of Crumbl Cream showcases the brand’s commitment to innovation and delighting its customers, ensuring that more and more people can experience the harmonious blend of freshly baked cookies and creamy ice cream. 

It’s always wise to check with your local Crumbl Cookies store or their official online channels for current information and availability.

But does Crumbs offer dairy-free cookies?

What Flavors Are Available?

  1. Snickerdoodle: A classic cookie flavor transformed into ice cream, this option provides a delightful blend of cinnamon and sugar, mirroring the taste of the beloved Snickerdoodle cookie.
  2. Raspberry Cheesecake: This flavor offers a rich and tangy combination of sweet raspberries and creamy cheesecake, creating a delectable ice cream that can complement many of Crumbl’s cookie offerings.
  3. Peanut Butter Brittle: A rich and robust flavor, this ice cream combines the creamy texture of peanut butter with the crunchy delight of brittle, a perfect pairing for chocolate-based cookies or for those who love a nutty twist.
  4. Seasonal Flavors: Crumbl Cookies may also introduce seasonal or limited-time ice cream flavors that align with various holidays, weather changes, or local preferences. These flavors could range from festive pumpkin spice in the fall to refreshing citrus sorbet in the summer.
  5. Unique Collaborations: Occasionally, Crumble may collaborate with local producers or introduce innovative flavors inspired by customer feedback and culinary trends, ensuring a continually fresh and engaging ice cream experience.

Find out when are new Crumbl cookie flavors will be released here.

Can You Pair A Cookie With Ice Cream At Crumbl?

Yes, at some Crumbl Cookies locations, you can pair a cookie with ice cream, known as Crumbl Cream, in select flavors. This pairing combines a warm, freshly baked cookie with a scoop of smooth, creamy ice cream. 

Availability and flavors vary by location, so you should check with your local Crumbl store or consult their official channels to ensure this delicious duo is offered in your area.

Are There Seasonal Or Specialty Ice Cream Offerings?

Man Holding Cookies
  1. Fall Flavors: Think pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, or salted caramel to resonate with the comforting, warm flavors of autumn. These could be perfect to pair with seasonal cookie offerings.
  2. Winter Selections: Flavors like peppermint [2], gingerbread, or hot chocolate ice cream may be introduced to celebrate the winter holidays and add a festive touch to the dessert experience.
  3. Spring Sensations: Fresh and fruity flavors like strawberry shortcake, lemon sorbet, or cherry blossom might be unveiled to mark the rejuvenation of spring, pairing well with lighter cookies.
  4. Summer Specialties: To cool down during hot summer days, tropical flavors like mango coconut, watermelon sherbet, or essential lime pie ice cream could be featured, adding a refreshing twist.
  5. Collaborations and Limited-Time Offers: Crumble occasionally collaborates with local dairies or artisan producers to craft unique ice cream flavors. They might also run limited-time offerings based on popular demand or culinary trends, ensuring an ever-evolving ice cream menu.
  6. Dietary Alternatives: Seasonally or as part of specialty offerings, Crumble might introduce dairy-free, low-sugar, or other alternative ice cream options to cater to various dietary preferences and needs.

“Crumbl Cream resonates with sweet delight, uniting the warmth of freshly baked cookies with the cool embrace of ice cream—a culinary investigation that tantalizes the taste buds and beckons the dessert lover’s heart.”

– Leonelli Bakery

What Are Crumbl’s Policies On Dietary Restrictions Regarding Ice Cream?

Crumbl Cookies may offer some ice cream options that cater to specific dietary restrictions, but the availability and variety can vary by location.

They might include dairy-free or low-sugar ice creams to accommodate different preferences and needs. 

However, it’s essential to consult with your local Crumbl store or their official channels to understand the specific policies, offerings, and potential cross-contamination risks related to dietary restrictions. 

This way, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your individual dietary requirements and still indulge in their delightful dessert offerings.

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What is the Crumbl fried ice cream cookie?

The Crumbl fried ice cream cookie is a unique dessert offering that aims to replicate the taste and texture of traditional fried ice cream.

It typically consists of a soft cookie infused with flavors like cinnamon and honey, sometimes coated with a crunchy layer that mimics the fried exterior of classic fried ice cream.

What is the most famous Crumbl cookie?

One of the most famous Crumbl Cookies is their Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Known for its soft and chewy texture with gooey milk chocolate chips, this cookie has become a signature and a favorite among many customers.

Key Takeaways

Crumbl Cookies, widely celebrated for their delectable cookies, has explored the delightful pairing of cookies and ice cream. 

Some locations have introduced Crumbl Cream, a range of ice cream flavors like Snickerdoodle, raspberry cheesecake, and peanut butter brittle, specifically crafted to complement their cookies. 

Additionally, seasonal or specialty ice cream offerings may be unveiled to align with various themes and preferences. While this indulgence is available at select locations, it’s only sometimes offered across all stores. 

The company’s initiative to extend ice cream availability signifies a commitment to customer satisfaction and culinary innovation. 

Those interested in this delightful duo should consult their local Crumbl Cookies store or official channels to verify availability and discover the flavors that await them, turning a simple cookie into a sublime dessert experience.


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