How Long Does It Take An Oven To Cool Down

How Long Does It Take An Oven To Cool Down? Answered

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The oven is a commonly used kitchen tool for preparing both sweet and savory dishes, from delicious pastries to enticing main courses.

However, it’s important to cool down your oven when making many dishes to avoid burn injuries. 

With that said, read on as our team conducted an experiment and found outhow long does it take an oven to cool down?

How Long Will It Take For Oven To Cool Down?

opening an oven

Generally, an oven set at a high temperature will take about an hour before it cools down, but the oven may also cool down for around 30 – 45 minutes based on other factors.

It depends on varying factors, like its previous temperature. Find out if you can place the silicone mold in the oven here.

Factors To Consider

Previous Temperature

Most bakeries use the oven system when making bread [1]. So when making multiple baked goods, the cooling time depends on the previous temperature the oven was set to.

“The heat they [ovens] create is meant to be confined to that small box.”

– Dustin Wheeldon, Appliance Repair Specialist

Meanwhile, the oven takes longer to cool down when cooking food longer at high temperatures or with high sugar and fat content. 

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Capacity of the Oven

The size of the oven affects the cooling process too. If you have a smaller oven, it will take faster to cool down.

On the other hand, a bigger oven will take slower to cool down since it has more surface that absorbs heat.

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Oven Door

Ovens built with great insulation offer better efficiency and prevention against fires. Likewise, the oven door keeps the heat inside, allowing the food to cook [2].

However, if the oven door is left open, it releases the hot air inside, causing the temperature to go down instantly.

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Fuel Source

The oven’s heat source is another factor that may slow down or speed up the cooling process. If you own a gas oven, it will cool down faster once turned off, instantly stopping the heat source.

However, electric ovens cool down slowly to prevent damage to the electrical components.

Built In Fans

If you’re planning to purchase new kitchen equipment that cools down faster, consider models with built-in fans, like convection ovens.

This is the perfect oven for cooking multiple foods one after another, as its cooling system functions for around 15 – 20 minutes once shut down.

But how can you turn off the oven cooling fan?


Most of all, the environment can affect the cooling time of your oven. When it’s winter, the oven will cool down faster due to the kitchen’s low temperature.

Nonetheless, a hot and humid environment can slow the oven’s cooling time.

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What Will Happen to the Temperature If You Turn Off the Oven?

inside image of an oven

Once you turn off the oven, the heat will stop rising, but it will not instantly cool down. It will slowly cool down, and the type of oven determines how long it will take.

The gas oven cools down faster since the heat source is instantly terminated, while the electric oven cools down slowly as it retains heat after being turned off.

But a convection oven has an exhaust and fan, so it’s the fastest to cool down.

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Will Opening the Oven Door Help Cool It Down?

Yes, opening the oven door will cool it down. Although it’s advised to keep the oven door closed while cooking, opening it can help cool down since half of the heat will escape, allowing the temperature to drop faster.

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How To Cool Down Oven Faster

The simplest way to cool down the oven faster is to open its door a bit or all the way. Another way to cool down the oven faster is to turn it off immediately, especially electric ovens.



Will the food still cook if the oven is off?

Yes, the oven can still cook food even if it’s off since it still has remaining heat, but make sure it’s not raw inside.

But is it okay to put the cookies back in the oven and rebake them?

How long does it take for an oven to cool down after self-cleaning?

If you have a self-cleaning oven, it takes around 30 – 90 minutes before it cools down.

How long does an oven stay hot after turning off?

If you leave the oven door open, it will cool down for around 10 minutes, while it takes an hour or more if kept closed. 

Why is my oven still hot after turning it off?

If the relay control board short circuits, your oven may remain hot after turning it off. But why does your oven smell like burning plastic?

Why won’t my oven cool down?

Your oven may not cool down if the relay control board short circuits.

Do ovens cool themselves?

Yes, it does. Only a specific heat remains, and the oven will gradually cool down.

Can a hot oven cause a fire?

Yes, ovens can cause a fire if used improperly or due to damaged electric wires. But how can you fix the F10 error on the oven?

How do I know if my oven is overheating?

Use a heat-resistant thermometer to check if the oven’s temperature differs from the set heat level.

Why does the fan on my oven keep running after I have turned it off?

The fan in the oven will continue running once turned off to speed up the cooling process.

Let’s Sum It Up

The oven may cool down for around 40 minutes to an hour and vary based on other factors, like environment and heat source. Leaving the oven door open can help speed up the cooling time. 

Check if your equipment has a delicate heating element to prevent it from getting damaged.


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