How Many People Does A Costco Cake Feed

How Many People Does A Costco Cake Feed? Answered

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**Costco’s** great for **affordable alcohol** that matches fancy brands, but some folks join Costco just for their **amazing sheet cakes**.

The cakes are such a good value for many that it caused quite a commotion when Costco discontinued selling them during the pandemic. 

But how many people do a Costco cake feed? Let’s find out.

How Many People Can A Costco Cake Feed?

Cakes on a Shelf

A Costco half-sheet cake can feed 48 guests [1]. The cakes are super affordable and among the best-selling products of Costco. 

Many consumers were disappointed when Costco announced at the end of June 2020 that they were stopping the production of these beloved half-sheet cakes.

They started promoting the ten-inch round cakes, but many consumers were unhappy, so they created a petition.

This petition gained over 1,500 signatures. Fortunately, the Costco Cake was returned to stores less than two years later.

But how many people can a whole sheet cake feed?

How Big is the Costco Cake?

A Costco half-sheet cake is about 12 inches by 16 inches, which is big enough to serve 48 people. It is about 9 ½ pounds on the scale, and according to Costco’s form, 2 pounds of the total weight is the mousse filling. 

Of course, the cake can only feed 48 people if the slices are about 2 to 4 inches. But if your guests would have slightly larger portions, the cake can only serve at least 30 to 40 people.

How Much is a Serving of the Costco Cake?

A serving of Costco cake would only cost around 40 to 50 cents, which is a steal considering the delicious taste and the number of guests it can serve.

“The great thing about going to Costco is knowing you can walk out with a half-sheet cake right then and there.”

– Melany Love, Writer 

The cost of the half-sheet was less than $20 before the pandemic, but after its comeback, the price is now higher at around $20 to $25. 

But how much do Costco cookies cost?

What Are The Flavor Options?

Costco cake has two flavors for consumers: vanilla/white and chocolate. The vanilla-flavored cake has vanilla cheesecake mousse fillings and is iced with white buttercream. 

The chocolate half-sheet cake is filled with chocolate mousse and is iced with chocolate buttercream.

Instead of real butter, the buttercream used in these cakes is made with vegetable shortening, which is probably what makes the cakes cheaper than most brands.

Although it may vary, a slice of vanilla cake usually contains 320 calories, while a chocolate cake contains around 330 calories.

What Is The Costco Cake Called?

Costco Birthday Cake

A Costco cake is called based on its flavor. You can either order a vanilla sheet cake or a chocolate sheet cake, and you can also order a customized cake based on the theme of the celebration.

Costco’s products are under the Kirkland Signature label, like Kirkland Signature Strawberry Shortcake and Tiramisu Cake. 

But you can refer to these half-sheet cakes as the Costco cake. Although the sheet cakes look simple, bakers have almost 30 ways to decorate and customize them according to the customer’s wants.

Is It Discontinued?

Yes, Costco discontinued selling their cakes for a while. The cakes are recently back but at a slightly higher price. You can also order cakes at your local Costco warehouse with a two-day notice. 

In 2020, Costco stopped selling their famous half-sheet cakes as one of the effects of the pandemic. They indicated that the reason behind the discontinuation is social distancing [2]

Cakes are the center of many celebrations, so Costco wanted to limit these gatherings by stopping half-sheet cake production.

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How much is a Costco cake?

A Costco cake is around $20 to $25. Although it is slightly pricier than before, it remains an affordable choice compared to other brands. 

Find out how long will chocolate mousse last in the fridge here.

Where can you buy Costco cake?

You can buy Costco cake at any local Costco bakery. Costco does not allow online reservations or orders, so you should go to the nearest Costco bakery to make your purchase. 

Can you have a customized Costco cake?

Yes, you can customize your Costco cake. Order it at least two days earlier to make sure that the bakery will be able to follow your desired design. 

In A Nutshell

Costco cake is one of the most delicious yet affordable cakes you can have at gatherings or celebrations. It can feed about 48 people and about 30 to 40 people if you are more generous with the cake slices. 

It was also affected during the pandemic as Costco wanted to support social distancing, so they halted the production of these cakes. 

Fortunately, the cakes are now available at any Costco local bakery, although at a slightly higher price. 


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