How Many Sandwiches In A Loaf Of Bread

How Many Sandwiches In A Loaf Of Bread: Full Guide

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If you’re contemplating providing food for a substantial gathering or your household, it’s crucial to understand the quantity of sandwiches a loaf of bread can yield. Possessing this information will circumvent the stress of running short on sustenance.

However, store-bought and baking your own bread varies in slices. To help you out, our team will answer the query. Read on.

How Many Sandwiches Can You Make In A Loaf of Bread?

Slicing Fluffiest Milk Bread

If you’re making an average sandwich, you can make around 11 to 12 sandwiches, including the end pieces.

Generally, sourdough and standard bread contain around 22 to 24 slices [1]. On the other hand, Texas toast loaf usually contains fewer slices, around 16 to 18. 

The number of slices of bread differs per brand and the type of it.

Thus, how many sandwiches you can make in a loaf of bread depends on the loaves of the bread itself. But how do you reheat sandwiches in the oven?

Factors To Consider

Type of Bread

Standard Loaf Bread

Popular brands like Sara Lee often sell a standard loaf of white bread. White bread contains wheat flour and normally has 26 to 28 slices.

Thus, using this loaf allows you to make around 13 to 14 sandwich bread. However, store-bought loaves like Sara Lee have 22 slices of bread, allowing you to make 11 sandwiches.

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Short Loaf

A short loaf or bread roll is often served plain or topped with butter as a meal accompaniment, similar to Texas toast.

If you’re wondering how many sandwiches you can make with this, it has 20 to 24 slices of bread and can be cut thin to make more sandwiches. 

With this bread, you can make around 10 to 12 sandwiches. But how can you bake bread in the Dutch oven without parchment paper?

Homemade Loaf Bread

Making your own bread is another delicious loaf perfect for sandwiches due to its thick and heavier texture. Homemade loaves normally weigh 2 pounds and create 12 slices of bread.

Nonetheless, the number of slices may vary depending on the size. If sliced thin, you can make around 6 sandwiches.

Wheat Pieces of Bread

If a sandwich is your go-to meal, go with whole wheat bread since it’s healthier [2]. For instance, a French baguette is a good choice if you’re prepping a sandwich for your daily meal.

It allows you to create 20 to 25 slices of bread or around 10 to 12 sandwiches. Moreover, this is the perfect bread to make a sandwich if you’re in for a sour taste. 

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Rye & Pumpernickel Breads

Rye and pumpernickel bread have a dense texture and are ideal for thick slices. This will make the perfect bread for your sandwiches if you’re a fan of thin-sliced loaves.

“Have patience. Fermentation is important; it’s the key component of bread baking.”

– Andy King, Professional Baker

Furthermore, rye bread is estimated to have 24 bread slices or around 12 sandwiches. It also has a strong and unique flavor, perfect for gatherings.

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Kind Of Sandwiches


Standard Sandwich

A standard sandwich is a commonly served food since it’s easy to make and only has 1 to 2 pieces. If you’re using a traditional loaf, you can make 11 to 12 standard sandwiches.

However, if you like making one sandwich that is not double-sided, you have 22 to 24 sandwiches to enjoy.

Club Sandwiches

Club sandwiches are the way to go if you’re in for a heavy and hearty meal. Club sandwiches come with 3 pieces of bread and are often served with protein and veggies.

For standard-size loaves with 22 to 24 pieces, you can make around 7 rich and filling club sandwiches.

Finger Sandwiches

A finger sandwich is served before afternoon tea with cream cheese, eggs, or smoked salmon. 

How many finger sandwiches you should make depends on the number of your guests.

If you’re serving other food, you should make at least 2 finger sandwiches for each guest. Also, finger sandwiches are made with 1 or 2 pieces, and the crusts are removed.

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How many loaves of bread does it take to make 100 sandwiches?

You need at least 10 loaves of bread with 20 pieces each to serve this many sandwiches (100 sandwiches). 

If you expect plenty of guests, ensure you have enough store-bought loaves to keep them full. 

Note that how many loaves of bread you need depends on the specific number of sandwiches you intend to make.

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Do sandwiches have two bread slices?

Yes, sandwiches have two slices. A sandwich consists of meat, veggies, cheese, and other fillings between the bread. 

On the other hand, some make their sandwiches using one slice and fold it in half to keep the filling together. But what are the best rolls for Philly cheese steak?

What is considered a loaf of bread?

A loaf of bread is considered as it is if it’s shaped and baked as a whole piece. In addition, a loaf of bread is ideal for making sandwiches since it can be sliced in your preferred thickness. 

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Key Takeaways

Overall, there is no exact answer to the question “how many sandwiches in a loaf of bread you can make” since bread, such as sourdough, white, and pumpernickel, differ in pieces.

Also, how many sandwiches you can make depends on the thickness and type of loaf and sandwich you plan to prepare.


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