How To Assemble A Cuisinart Food Processor

How To Assemble A Cuisinart Food Processor: Full Guide

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If you’re looking for a multi-purpose kitchen tool, the food processor is a must-have. It’s known for its versatility and can help you save time or make healthier meals.

If you’re still in search of a product to purchase, Cuisinart is one of the best food processors you can find in the market. But how do you assemble this product?

Read on as we share the step-by-step process of how to assemble a Cuisinart food processor with ease.

Step-By-Step Guide in Assembling a Cuisinart Food Processor 

1. Clean & Dry the Bowl & Its Attachments

Cuisinart Food Processor Bowl

Before blending or chopping with your Cuisinart food processor, the first step is to clean and dry the bowl and its accessories [1].

Read the instructions on the box to unpack the parts easily. Start removing all the parts and place them on the countertop.

Place the work bowl in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Also, clean the accessories and parts of the work bowl, including the feed tube and food pusher.

After cleaning, dry the bowl, blades, and lid.

2. Fix the Bowl to the Base

fixing the bowl to the motor base

The second step is to fix the bowl to the motor base. Place the motor base on a clean, flat surface, like the kitchen countertop.

Ensure the control buttons face you and assemble them close to an electrical outlet. Next, carefully place the food processor bowl on the motor base.

Insert the center hub of the motor base in the hole at the bottom of the bowl. Then, turn it clockwise to lock it in place.

3. Move It Around to Ensure It Fits Properly

To check if the food processor bowl is safe to use, the next step is to move it around to ensure it’s attached properly to the motor base.

Ensure the handle of the food processor bowl is a little to the left of the motor base. Move the bowl clockwise until it locks. You’ll also hear a locking sound.

Try to move around the bowl, and you’ll feel as if it’s locked in place.

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4. Put the Attachment Required

Putting attachments

After attaching the food processor bowl to the motor base, the next step is to select and add the required attachment. Note that the blades vary depending on the model.

If your model comes with a chopping blade and dough blade, hold on to the white hub and match it on the shaft.

Meanwhile, you need to attach the shredding and slicing discs to the stem. Check the shaft symbol on the disc and drop it into place.

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5. Lock the Lid

Once you have attached the disc or chopping blade, it’s time to place the other parts of the food processor bowl.

It consists of three parts: the lid with the feed tube and the large and small food pusher.

Take the lid cover with the feed tube from these parts and attach it to the food processor bowl interlock mechanism.

Press down the large pusher into the feed tube and drop the smaller one after.

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6. Plug In & Use It

Assembled food processor

Finally, the assembling process is finished, and your Cuisinart food processor is ready. The final step is plugging in the food processor, so you can save time and energy.

Food processors can replace a box grater, mandoline, and many knife work tasks with strategic use.

– Nick DeSimone, Culinary Professional

Push the buttons on the motor base to choose the speed. Also, ensure to add the required blade before placing any food.

Add the food to the bowl or on the lid cover’s feed tube to start chopping, shredding, blending, grinding, and kneading [2].


Important Safeguards When Assembling Cuisinart Food Processor

  • Always handle the dough blade and chopping blade on the white hub.
  • Hold the slicing and shredding discs at the outer rims
  • Do not touch the discs cutting edges.
  • Only the blades and bowl and its parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Do not clean or submerge the motor base in the water.
  • Make sure the bowl is properly attached to the base.
  • Twist the cover counterclockwise to engage it.
  • Lock the large feed tube in place.

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How do you assemble the 14-cup Cuisinart food processor?

If you purchased a 14-cup food processor from Cuisinart, we recommend checking the box as they provide details and instructions.

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How to assemble a Cuisinart food processor for shredding?

It’s easy to assemble your Cuisinart food processor for shredding. Instead of a blade, attach the shredding disc to the stem before placing it in the food processor.

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How to use Cuisinart food processor attachments?

The attachment of Cuisinart food processor, like the dough or chopping blade, should be attached to the shaft, while the disc must be connected to the stem before placing it in.

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How to disassemble a Cuisinart food processor?

We recommend unplugging your Cuisinart food processor before removing the pushers, cover, and bowl. But how can you turn off a Cuisinart air fryer?

In Summary

Food processors are worth the money as they speed up food preparation while providing restaurant-worthy results without spending hours in the kitchen.

From shredding and mixing to blending and kneading, get ready to take cooking to the next level and easily set up your Cuisinart food processor with this guide.


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