How To Quickly Thaw Cool Whip

How To Quickly Thaw Cool Whip: Full Guide

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Keeping Cool Whip in your fridge is a **great idea** for a sweet, creamy dessert topping. Its light, smooth texture gives any treat a delightful twist.

The problem is that it tends to thaw slowly–and when it does melt, it becomes watery and grainy in texture.

Today’s article is for you if you want to thaw cool whip quickly without losing flavor or texture. Read on for a few methods on how to quickly thaw cool whip.

4 Foolproof Ways To Quickly Thaw Cool Whip

Cool Whip on A Glass Bowl

1. Use Your Microwave

If you want to save time in defrosting cool whips quickly, use the microwave method. Like any other heavy whipping cream that is frozen, cool whip thaw fast in the oven.

Put the whole container of the whip in the microwave and set it for defrosting. Let it run uncovered for 30 seconds. Then take it out and stir it. 

Stir and defrost cool whip again in the microwave for 30 seconds. The only difference in using this method is that you’ll sacrifice the consistency of traditional whipped cream.

2. Dip It In Cold Water

You’ll need to dip it straight in cool water to thaw cool whip quickly. The cold water method is ideal for melting your cool whip in 30 to 40 minutes.

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

– Charles M. Shulz, American Cartoonist 

For this, get a medium-sized bowl and place the cool whip container. Pour cold water into the bowl and let it sit for about 40 minutes until the stiff peaks turn into soft peaks.

If you want to use the whip as an ingredient or mix it with other topping creams on your hot chocolate, soaking it in a bowl of cold water is the best way to thaw your cool whip.

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3. Leave It On the Countertop

You can also defrost the cool whip on the counter of your kitchen. However, you have to monitor the time in this method. 

You can let it sit at room temperature for no longer than two hours, but if your kitchen temperature is 90 degrees, you can only leave it for one hour. 

Kitchen counters are often warmer, and cool whip (or any dairy product) shouldn’t be left out for extended periods because heat speeds up the development of pathogens. [2] 

Yes, a cool whip is made of corn syrup, making it more stabilized, but because it also has milk, defrosting cool whip in the kitchen for a long time might affect its consistency and flavor.

4. Let It Thaw Inside The Fridge

Inside the fridge is another way to thaw your cool whip. Some people thaw the entire container of cool whip in the fridge overnight, and some just for a few hours.

Allow it to be fully thawed over time, which may take four or five hours or overnight. 

Planning ahead is a must with this method because it requires several hours to thoroughly defrost the frozen cool whip.

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What Will Happen If You Thaw Cool Whip Incorrectly?

Cool Whip Frosting on a Bowl and Cupcake

If you thaw frozen cool whip incorrectly, it will turn into a mushy mess that looks like it has been sitting in the deep freezer for months. 

Incorrect defrosting may also lose its fluffiness—the more you know about whipping up whipped cream, the more you probably understand that air keeps things light and fluffy. [1] 

But can you put the Cool Whip in the fridge or freezer?

Tips & Tricks When Thawing Cool Whip Quickly 

  • Be careful not to overheat the microwave when thawing. This could cause the water in your cool whip mixture to separate again, resulting in a yellow mess. 
  • Ensure that your bowl has a cover on it while heating (the second time) in a microwave so that no steam escapes while cooking. 
  • Also, make sure you put some parchment paper down before putting anything else on top of the bowl so that any drips don’t go anywhere but onto your countertop.
  • Place the frozen package into the refrigerator overnight so that all ice crystals have melted completely away by morning (or at least until next).

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Can you freeze and unfreeze Cool Whip?

Yes, you can freeze and unfreeze cool whip as long as you thaw it thoroughly before using and putting it in the freezer again.

How long is Cool Whip good after thawing?

Cool whip is good within three months in the freezer after thawing. Just make sure that you defrost it thoroughly before freezing it again.

But how long can frosting stay in the refrigerator?

How long does Cool Whip take to defrost?

How long cool the whip is to defrost depends on the method you use. Thawing it in the microwave is faster than dipping it in cold water or letting it sit in the fridge.

But how long does freshly made whipped cream last?

How long does it take to thaw Cool Whip at room temperature?

It takes two hours to thaw at room temperature. However, because cool whip is made of dairy products like skimmed milk, it might spoil easily at this defrost setting.

How do you know if Cool Whip is bad?

Cool whips or whipped creams have gone bad if they turn to a yellow syrup or a syrupy liquid and lose fluffiness. Discoloration and molds also appear on a spoiled cool whip. 

Does a Cool Whip need to be frozen?

Yes, a cool whip needs to be frozen when not in use to extend its shelf life and prevent air contaminants from spoiling it.

Will Cool Whip melt in the heat?

No, the cool whip doesn’t melt in the heat. It is because it has cornstarch as a stabilizer. Cornstarch is an unflavored gelatin that melts at 203° F, making it an ideal component of cool whips. [3] 

How long can Cool Whip sit out?

A cool whip can sit out for no longer than two hours. Leaving a whip on the kitchen counter at the danger zone temperature may speed up the build-up of bacteria from moist air contaminants. [4]  

Final Thoughts 

Generally, the frozen cool whip can be thawed quickly in different methods. However, consistency might be sacrificed in the process.

Because cool whip is made of dairy products like milk, thawing it on the countertop might be risky for food safety.

Cool whipped cream is sold frozen, and the best method of thawing it without affecting the texture is by dipping it in cool or lukewarm water.


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