What Can I Use Instead Of A Jelly Roll Pan

What Can I Use Instead Of A Jelly Roll Pan? 10 Alternatives

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It is commonly known that making Swiss rolls or sponge cakes usually requires a jelly roll pan, but if you do not have one available, there is no need to worry. There are plenty of other baking pans that can be used for the same task.

However, not all sheet pans have the same depth and size, so what can you use instead of a jelly roll pan? Let’s go into our ten best jelly roll pan substitutes.

Top 10 Jelly Roll Pan Alternatives

1. Cookie Sheets

cookie sheet pans

Cookie sheets are designed for easier maneuvering when baking cookies since there are no raised edges in the way [1].

Its main task is to bake cookies by providing even heat distribution, preventing crisp bottoms and browning of edges.

You can use a cookie sheet interchangeably with a jelly roll pan, but it is not suitable for making a rolled cake as it seldom has a rolled edge.

But for flat pastries, a cookie sheet works perfectly to substitute a jelly roll pan. 

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2. Dough Maker Aluminum Baking Pan

This product is an affordable and widely available substitute for jelly roll pan. It has rolled edges and a nonstick surface, making it easier to use in baking. 

“Aluminum baking pans easily conduct and hold heat, making them a good option for foods such as sheet cakes, shortbreads or roasted vegetables.”

– Emily Cooper, Dietician

This Dough Maker Aluminum Baking Pan provides good airflow, resulting in a nice browning crunch of your baked goods. Its only downfall is how easily it gets scratched and dented.

But is it possible to use a baking pan on the stove?

3. Casserole Pan

A casserole pan is another jelly roll pan substitute perfect for making lasagna, cake, and, of course, a casserole dish. It has a large and deep structure with handles to easily move it in and out of the oven. 

You can take advantage of its large surface as it keeps the food from drying out, resulting in an evenly cooked final dish. 

Remember to fill them less than usual if you plan to use casserole pans instead of jelly roll pans. Expect a thinner cake or lasagna as a result.

4. 9×13 Pan

This jelly roll pan substitute is slightly smaller but easier to find and is usually more affordable. It is versatile for making cookies, lasagna, bread pudding, brownies, cinnamon rolls, and cakes. 

The 9 x 13 pan is almost the same size as the typical jelly roll pan at 10 x 15 inches. As a result, there are certain adjustments that you have to consider, like the ingredient amounts and the temperature.

5. Full Sheet Pan

These pans measure 26 x 18 inches, which makes them more suitable for caterers or some big restaurants instead for home kitchens.

Because of its large size, you will have to consider adjusting your ingredients if you’re using it to substitute for a jelly roll pan. 

You can use this rectangular sheet pan for other uses, such as roasting vegetables or making pizzas. A full sheet pan will get the food cooked faster than a jelly roll pan because of its larger surface area with more heat exposure.

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6. Half Sheet Pan

half sheet pan

Half sheet pans at 18 x 13 inches still offer a larger surface area than a standard jelly roll pan.

A half-sheet pan provides faster cooking time and is best used as a jelly roll pan substitute when making larger jelly roll cakes. If you cook using the same recipe, the wider half-sheet pan will spread the cake batter too thin. 

You can also use a half-sheet pan for toaster cooking or freezing cookies before placing them in plastic freezer bags.

7. Quarter Sheet Pan

A quarter sheet pan can do whatever a half sheet pan can, but with smaller servings. With a measure of 13-by-9 inches, it is a smaller pan than the standard jelly roll pan. 

The difference is that jelly roll pans are typically one inch deeper than quarter sheet pans. This minor detail could lead to a few minutes longer cooking time. 

Aside from making jelly rolls, a quarter sheet is also great for roasting vegetables or toaster cooking. But why is my baking sheet warping in the oven?

8. Nordic Ware Aluminum Pan

The Nordic Ware Aluminum Pan is another affordable jelly roll pan substitute. It is a great option because it offers a variety of the same size as a jelly roll pan. As a result, you only have to adjust the recipes slightly. 

This baking sheet is made of pure aluminum and is lighter than a jelly roll pan. It is not nonstick, and it’s better to use parchment paper when making cookies with this pan [2].


9. Cake Pan

Cake pans come in different sizes and shapes. A round cake pan may lead to a difficult recipe adjustment, so stick to a rectangular-shaped pan. Choose a variety with at least a one-inch rim around the pan’s sides. 

It creates a thin cake that you can roll later into a cylinder shape after coating it with fillings like jelly or cream. With similar dimensions, a cake pan can help you create a satisfying jelly roll cake.

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 10. Brownie Pan

hand holding Brownie molder pan

Like cake pans, brownie pans have various shapes and sizes, and some products are also made with dividers. If you use it as a substitute for a jelly roll pan, look for a flat sheet pan with the same dimension. 

Brownies are supposed to be thick, chewy, and fudgy, which is different from a Swiss roll cake. Because of their different textures, replacing the jelly roll pan requires adjustments to their cooking time and recipes.

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What is the difference between a jelly roll pan and a cookie sheet?

The difference between jelly roll pan and cookie sheet is their edges. Jelly roll pans have raised edges for cooking the sponge part of the jelly roll cake.

On the other hand, a cookie sheet sometimes has one or two curved sides for handling. 

But how long does your jelly need to set?

Does baking time change with pan size?

Yes, baking time changes along with pan size. If the pan available to you is slightly larger than what the recipe calls for, adjust the temperature to go higher and decrease the baking time.

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Baking cakes, like Swiss roll cakes or pumpkin rolls, require accurate timing, the right temperature, and a specific cooking tool. 

A jelly roll pan, usually made of aluminized steel, is designed to make a firm sponge cake that can have a cylindrical shape later.

However, if it is unavailable, you can replace it with another baking pan. Some of the best jelly roll pan substitutes are Nordic Ware Aluminum Pan and 9-by-13 inches.


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