What To Make With Cake Flour

What to Make with Cake Flour: Delicate Delights

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Using cake flour for the first time *completely changed* my baking. It felt like uncovering a **hidden gem** that made my cakes and pastries so much lighter and fluffier. Almost like biting into a **cloud**!

Cake flour is made from finely milled soft wheat and contains less protein than all-purpose flour. But what to make with cake flour?

Today, I’ll share my experience and simple ideas for using cake flour to whip up delicious treats.

15 Delicious Recipes You Can Make Using Cake Flour

1. Angel Food Cake

Plate of Angel Food Cake

Angel Food Cake is a heavenly dessert made with cake flour. It’s exceptionally light and fluffy, almost like biting into a sweet cloud. 

As such, the cake flour is the key to its delicate texture, creating a cake that practically melts in your mouth. 

It’s light and fluffy, making it ideal for special events or a wonderful indulgence when served with powdered sugar [1] or fruit sauce.

2. Vanilla Cupcakes

If you’re craving a classic sweet treat, try baking Vanilla Cupcakes with cake flour. These cupcakes are incredibly moist and have a rich vanilla flavor. 

Cake flour makes them light and airy, while a simple vanilla frosting adds sweetness. They’re perfect for birthdays, celebrations, or just when you want a little dessert happiness.

3. Cheesecake 

Cake flour can work wonders for cheesecake, too. It helps create a velvety, smooth texture essential for this classic dessert. 

Whether you prefer a traditional New York-style cheesecake or something more adventurous like a raspberry swirl, cake flour will elevate your cheesecake game and leave everyone craving more.

4. Lemon Sugar Crunch Buns

Lemon Sugar Crunch Buns are a delightful treat made with cake flour. These buns are soft, fluffy, and bursting with zesty lemon flavor. 

The secret lies in the cake flour, which gives them a tender texture. They’re topped with a sweet and crunchy sugar glaze that adds a satisfying contrast.

These buns are perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack. But what are the best cake flours?

5. Amish Waffles

Making Waffle

Amish Waffles made with cake flour are a breakfast delight. These waffles are crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, thanks to the cake flour’s unique properties. 

“Bread of flour is good, but there is bread, sweet as honey, if we would eat it, in a good book.”

– John Ruskin, English Writer, and philosopher

They’re perfect for a leisurely weekend brunch or a family breakfast. 

If you want a tasty start to your day, serve these pancakes with your go-to syrup, some fresh fruit, and a spoonful of whipped cream.

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6. Mint Chocolate Wafers

Indulge your sweet tooth with Mint Chocolate Wafers. These cookies are thin, crispy, and infused with minty chocolate goodness. 

With the use of cake flour, it ensures they have the perfect snap and melt-in-your-mouth texture. 

Whether sharing them at a gathering or enjoying them as an afternoon treat, these wafers are a delightful blend of mint and chocolate flavors.

7. Boston Cream Pie Cookies

Boston cream pie cookies are a wonderful dessert. Cake flour makes These cookies even more special, giving them a light and fluffy texture. 

They are filled with creamy custard and topped with a glossy layer of chocolate ganache. 

These Boston cream pie cookies will surely be a crowd-pleaser with their soft, buttery texture and sweetness.

But what effect does cake flour have on cookies?

8. Chocolate Pound Cake

Making a chocolate pound cake with cake flour can delight your taste buds. 

The cake flour, which is finely milled and rich in starch, gives the pound cake a moist, light, and dense finish, exactly what you want. 

The main reason for using cake flour is how it enriches the experience – it perfectly merges the creamy sweetness of the pound cake with the thick, indulgent chocolate.

9. Baileys Irish Cream Pancakes

Pancakes made with Baileys Irish Cream are a delight, especially when you use cake flour. This fine-sifted flour lends the pancakes an airy, light quality. 

These pancakes are great for a lavish brunch or as a plush dessert. 

You can top them off with classic maple syrup or add more indulgence with dark chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

10. Frosted Sugar Cookies

Frosted Sugar Cookies with Colorful Sprinkles on Top

Frosted sugar cookies are soft, buttery, and topped with a sugary frosting that adds flavor and color. Cake flour makes them tender and perfect for decorating. 

These cookies are great for any event, but everyone will want more, whether you make them for a party or because you’re craving something sweet.

11. Belgian Waffles

Start your day right with the fluffiest Belgian waffles, all thanks to cake flour. 

These incredibly light waffles have signature deep pockets to hold your favorite toppings—fresh berries, maple syrup [2], or a dollop of whipped cream. 

You’ll feel like you’re at a café in Belgium, right in your kitchen.

12. Italian Almond Torte

Indulge in the rich flavors of Italy with an Italian almond torte. This dessert is a heavenly combination of almond and cake, resulting in a moist and nutty delight. 

“Cake flour is the key to turning ordinary recipes into extraordinary delights, one sift at a time.”

Leonelli Bakery

Cake flour ensures a soft and tender crumb. This powdered sugar-topped torte is a beautiful and delightful dessert that goes well with a hot beverage.

13. Butter Cookies

Butter cookies are delicious and can be made easily using cake flour. The butter taste in these cookies is great, and the texture is soft and crumbly. 

Cake flour helps to make them light and delicate. Using a cookie press, you can shape them into classic round cookies or get creative with fun shapes. 

14. Butter Pecan Cake

This recipe uses cake flour to make the cake soft and tender, while the pecans add a crunchy and nutty texture. 

The buttery taste blends perfectly with the hint of vanilla, creating a wonderful smell as it bakes. The cake is then topped with a creamy buttercream frosting and sprinkled with chopped pecans. 

15. Chocolate Chip Muffins

Freshly Baked Chocolate Chip Muffins

One of the best things to make with cake flour is chocolate chip muffins. These muffins turn out soft and tender because of the fine texture of cake flour. 

It helps make the muffins light and fluffy. The addition of chocolate chips makes for delightful bursts of sweetness.

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Is cake flour suitable for all cake recipes?

Not necessarily. While cake flour is ideal for creating light and tender cakes, it may only suit some recipes. 

For instance, cakes like chocolate cake, which already contain cocoa powder, a very fine dry ingredient, may not benefit from the additional fineness of cake flour. 

But how does self-rising flour differ from cake flour?

Which flour is commonly used by professional bakers?

Professional bakers often turn to pastry flour for its versatility and balance. 

This flour has a protein concentration of roughly eight to nine percent, and it is finely milled such that it lies somewhere between cake flour and all-purpose flour. 

It offers the ideal combination of flakiness, tenderness, and structural integrity, making it a favorite choice among experts in the field.

Find out how much flour is in a scant cup here.

In Summary

In the kitchen, simple ingredients like cake flour can turn a regular cook into a culinary magician. 

I’ve witnessed the magic it can bring, especially when crafting angel food cakes and Amish waffles. 

Thanks to cake flour, the delicate texture of angel food cake is like tasting a cloud. And those Amish waffles, crisp and tender at once, are pure morning happiness. 

So, the next time you wonder what to make with cake flour, remember: the possibilities are as limitless as your culinary imagination.


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