Gender Reveal Cupcake Ideas

7 Gender Reveal Cupcake Ideas You Can Try (Updated)

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Gender reveal cupcakes make a fantastic choice for a baby gender reveal party that’s both unique and memorable.

Whether you are looking for cupcakes with a classic gender reveal twist or something more creative and unique, there is plenty of gender reveal cupcake ideas to choose from. 

From cakes decorated with gender-neutral colors to cupcakes with a surprise inside, these delicious treats will surely bring joy and excitement to your event. 

Read on to discover some of the best gender reveal cupcake ideas to make your special day more memorable.

Top 7 Gender Reveal Cupcake Ideas

2 colors rosette frosting cupcake
  1. Blue or Pink Sprinkle Cupcakes: Top white cupcakes with a selection of blue and pink sprinkles. Cut into one to reveal the color of your little one.
  2. Chocolate or Vanilla Cupcakes: Cut into a cupcake and reveal a chocolate or vanilla surprise. 
  3. Reveal Cake Pop: Cover a cake pop in white and dip it in blue or pink melted chocolate. Cut into the cake pop to reveal the gender.
  4. Cupcake Surprise: Bake blue and pink cupcakes and then turn them upside down to create a surprise reveal. 
  5. Marshmallow Reveal: Cover a cupcake with white frosting and top it off with a marshmallow. Cut into the marshmallow to reveal blue or pink.
  6. Surprise Batter Cupcakes: Bake two cupcakes with pink and blue batter. Place one scoop of each color in the cupcake liner and bake. Cut into the cupcake to reveal the surprise. 
  7. Confetti Cupcakes: Place blue or pink confetti in the center of the cupcake batter before baking. Cut into the cupcake to reveal the gender.

Find out if you should make the cupcakes flat or domed here.

Will Sprinkles Work On Gender Reveal Cupcakes?

Yes, cupcakes can be decorated with pink and blue sprinkles, pink and blue fondant decorations, or even a combination of both colors. 

You can also offer cupcakes with fillings dyed in either pink or blue to create a special surprise inside the cupcake. 

Find experienced bakers that will work with you to create the perfect gender-reveal cupcakes that will surely delight your guests.

But how can you keep sprinkles from bleeding on cupcakes?

What Are Some Gender Reveal Cupcake Games?

Gender reveal cupcake [1] games can be fun to make a gender reveal party more interactive and enjoyable. One game that can be played is a cupcake decorating contest. 

After baking cupcakes, provide the guests with different colored frostings and decorations and have each person create the most creative cupcake they can. 

“When you look at a cupcake, you’ve got to smile.”

– Anne Byrn, Author/Entrepreneur.

Have a panel of judges evaluate each cupcake and award a prize to the winner. Another fun game is a cupcake-tasting game. 

Have each guest sample different cupcakes and have them guess the gender of the baby based on the cupcake they are eating. The person who guesses correctly the most times wins.

What Can You Put In The Middle Of Cupcakes?

gender reveal cupcakes

For a gender reveal party, cupcakes are a great way to surprise your guests with the news. To make the reveal even more special, you can put something in the middle of each cupcake. 

Consider using pink and blue candies, sprinkles, or even a tiny toy that corresponds to the gender of the baby. You can also use a specialty frosting that reveals the gender when bitten. 

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something fun and special to make your guests smile. But how much should you charge for a dozen of cupcakes?

How Do You Get Sprinkles To Stick To Cupcakes?

One of the best ways to get sprinkles to stick to cupcakes is to use a light layer of buttercream frosting as glue. First, use a piping bag to cover the cupcakes with a thin layer of buttercream frosting. 

Immediately after decorating with sprinkles, lightly press them into the frosting to ensure they adhere to the cupcake.

This method will help the sprinkles stay in place and give the cupcakes a professional look.



What should you not do at a gender reveal party?

It is rude to make negative comments about the gender of the baby at a gender reveal party. It is also inappropriate to ask the parents to reveal their gender if they have not already done so. 

Additionally, it is important to respect the parent’s wishes to keep the gender a surprise and not try to spoil it.

Who usually throws a gender reveal party?

The expecting parents or a family member typically throws gender reveal parties.

How do you inject a cupcake with filling?

To inject a cupcake with filling, start by using a pastry bag with a wide tip. Fill the pastry bag with your desired filling.

Insert the tip of the pastry bag [2] into the center of the cupcake and slowly squeeze the filling into the cupcake. 

Move the pastry bag around in a circular motion to evenly distribute the filling throughout the cupcake.

Final Thoughts

Gender reveal cupcakes are a fun and unique way to share the big news with friends and family.

With so many creative ideas, you can find the perfect cupcake to fit your style and budget. Whether for a classic pink and blue reveal or something more unique, you can impress your guests with cupcake creativity. 

No matter your route, you can be sure that your gender-reveal cupcakes will be a hit.


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