How to Cut a Pizza Without a Pizza Cutter in 6 Ways

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Pizza, a scrumptious Italian treat, is adored for its mouthwatering flavor. Having a pizza party at home sounds awesome, but without a pizza wheel cutter, slicing pizzas becomes a challenge.

I remember a time when I found myself in this exact situation. So how do you cut pizza without a pizza cutter?

Let me discuss six ways to cut pizza even without pizza wheels and the experiences when it is cut warm and cold.

6 Ways to Cut a Pizza Without A Pizza Cutter 

slicing a pizza

1. Use A Large Chef’s Knife

Cutting pizza with a large chef’s knife that’s large enough can make work pretty easy and achieve perfect slices, whether traditional thin-crust pizzas or deep-dish pizzas.

Place the sharp knife in the middle and push it down gently. Swing back and forth until the portions that persist or the crust are sliced.

You never have to worry about possibly ruining the sauces or toppings, as you can expect clean, equal slices. But how do you cut lattice pastry without using a lattice cutter?

2. Cut It With Scissors

A pair of sharp scissors also make a suitable pizza-cutting tool. It is especially ideal if you don’t want to leave any cuts or nicks on your pan or cutting board.

Set the scissors in the middle of the pizza. Cut it right down and carefully pull the handle towards you to cut the pizza thoroughly.

You can cut how many slices you want. You can even cut pizzas into quarters or eighths if you like.

3. Get A Pizza Rocker Blade

This deep crescent moon-shaped blade is the definite alternative to the pizza wheel. It has a sophisticated circular motion to cut pizza.  

Firmly rest its sharp blade horizontally on the pizza. Put pressure on one end of the blade onto the other to cut the pizza thoroughly.

With its ease of usage, you can cut how many slices you want without any trouble.  

4. Use A Butcher’s Knife

The butcher’s knife may not be a common household cutting tool, but you can cut the pizza in half with just one chop. It is ideal if you want to eat pizza immediately.

“Cutting pizza without a pizza cutter is like embarking on a culinary quest, where creativity slices through limitations, and friends become masterful pizza ninjas.”

Leonelli Bakery

Set the knife’s tip on the edge of the crust and gently push it down. Slice the pizza down until it is cut in all the way through. 

You can also use this the same way you cut pizza with the rocker blade by applying the same circular motion.

5. Use a Paring Knife

While you might have trouble cutting larger pizzas with a paring knife. Sharpen it first so that it can pass through hard vegetable toppings.

Place the sharp knife horizontally on the pizza, with the blade pointing towards the edge of the pie. Guide the pizza with your other hand, so the knife smoothly cuts it in half.

Repeat the process for all sides until you create equal slices of pie.

6. Make Use of A Cookie Cutter

Most people prefer using a cookie cutter first before baking the pizza. Cutting out a shape from pizza dough is easier than a freshly baked out-of-the-oven pizza.

Place it on top of the pizza dough. Gently press it down until it cuts out a shape.

It has many designs you can choose from. You’ll enjoy using it when preparing for special occasions or holidays.

Check out these simple ways to use a pizza stone without using pizza peel here.

Cutting Warm vs Cold Pizzas

pizza cutting

Cutting a hot pizza will get the melted cheese to stretch and stick eagerly into your selected pizza cutter or slide down.  

“I love pizza. I want to marry it, but it would just be to eat her family at the wedding.”  

Mike Birbiglia, Comedian

Cheese stretches and sticks due to exposure to high temperatures [1]. That’s why you should let it cool down first.

In contrast, cutting a cold pizza or frozen pizza is relatively easier. You don’t have to get all worked up on the melted cheese sticking, sauce dripping, or toppings falling off.

Find out the ideal oven temperature to keep your pizza warm here.

Tips & Tricks When Cutting Pizza Without a Pizza Cutter

  • Make sure you use a sharp cutter, whether it is scissors, a rocker blade, or any kind, or else it will result in jagged slices and messed-up toppings.
  • Let your pizza rest on a sheet pan, chopping board, or a plate for a few minutes so that the cheese is less likely to stretch and stick.
  • A large chef’s knife is the go-to tool for any pizza, from hand-tossed, to deep dish and thin-crusted pizza.
  • The rocker blade works perfectly on a deep-dish pizza, particularly for its depths.

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Can you cut a pizza using a dough cutter?

Yes. A metal dough cutter is durable and has sharp edges to cut baked pizza successfully. Even though it usually comes as thin and flexible, it can still help you get slices of pizza.

Though it’s originally intended for cutting dough only, it will do if you have no other options.

Find out how long pizza dough can last in the fridge here.

Do you let pizza cool before cutting?

Yes. This time allows the cheese to set in and not tear up when cut. But, for a more important reason, it will help you avoid burning parts of your mouth.

Cheese has a higher heat capacity than the crust itself [2]. Thus it is best practice to let a hot pizza cool down for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. 

Find out if it is okay to refrigerate the pizza dough after it rises here.

How to cut pizza without messing up the cheese?

Let the pizza rest for a few minutes after cooking it in the oven. Minutes later, use a large chef’s knife that reaches opposite crust edges. 

Position it in the middle and give a gentle push. Swing the knife back and forth slowly and steadily.

How do you slice pizza easily?

Cut the pizza by using a pair of kitchen shears. It is the simplest and easiest way since it gives you control and accuracy.

It provides a clean-looking cut through the crust and all across the entire pie, leaving all the ingredients on top where they are.

In A Nutshell

Pizza is a delicious food that you can eat at any given time. Not having a pizza cutter doesn’t mean you can’t have good slices of pizza.

Large chef’s knives are the best pizza-cutting tool next to pizza wheels; given the many kinds of pizzas, you can rend it with.

Always give time for a pizza to cool down. So that cutting it won’t leave such a mess on your kitchen countertops or burn any part of your mouth.




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