How Many Cookies Are In A Chips Ahoy Package

How Many Cookies Are In A Chips Ahoy Package? Solved

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Chips Ahoy hit the shelves back in 1963 and quickly became a **favorite cookie** across America.

You can serve the cookies on any occasion, like birthdays, reunions, and other celebrations. And to ensure that you serve every guest, you must know how many cookies are in the Chips Ahoy package.

Read on to see what packaging would best suit your occasion. 

How Many Cookies Are in One Chips Ahoy Package?

Hand Holding Pack of Chips Ahoy

There are four cookies in one pack of Chips Ahoy Original. However, it also offers varying package sizes suitable for any event or occasion. You can get from 5 cookies to 192 cookies, depending on your needs. 

“Chips ahoy! Old boy! We’ve pretty well eat them too, and we’ll drown the crew, and will eat them too!”

– Charles Dickens, Writer 

Chips Ahoy is a product of Nabisco, an American manufacturer of snacks and cookies like Oreo and Ritz Crackers. 

Since 1963, it has been among the top cookie brands because of its clever marketing [1].

But how many cookies are there in an Oreo package?

Number of Cookies Per Packaging


The Chips Ahoy Original contains four cookies per pack, widely available at many local grocery stores and online shops.

But since there are many options for enjoying these delicious snacks, various packages are available on Amazon and Walmart. 

Mini Bag

Chips Ahoy Mini

The mini bags of Chips Ahoy contain around 5 to 6 cookies, which is perfect if you have to watch your diet but still craving some sweet treats. 

You can order a box of 12 mini bags on Amazon, giving you around 60 to 70 chocolate chip cookies.

Family Size

Containing 42 to 45 cookies, the Family Size Package is best shared with friends and family on your birthday. You can buy it for around $5 on Amazon.

But of course, you can buy it in bulk to make sure that there would be enough snacks for special occasions.

But how many cookies should each wedding guest have?

King Size

The King Size pack contains ten cookies each. It is in a resealable package that keeps the chocolate chip cookies fresh and perfect for sharing and traveling.

You can buy it at Walmart for around $34 for 16 packs of King Size Chips Ahoy.

13 oz Packaging

The 13 oz packaging of Chips Ahoy would give you approximately 34 cookies for around $3 at Walmart. It is a delightful ingredient in desserts like ice cream sandwiches or cakes.

You can enjoy it on your own or share it with your friends for a movie day. 

18 oz Packaging

Hand Holding Chips Ahoy Cookies

The 18 oz packaging is almost identical to the Family Size, which came in the 18.02 oz package. It also contains around 42 to 45 cookies, perfect for family gatherings or afternoon snacks with friends.

6 Packs

A box of 6-pack Chips Ahoy contains 24 cookies. It costs around $4 at Walmart. But you can also purchase bulk on Amazon for $14, which gives you 96 cookies with four boxes of Chips Ahoy 6-packs.

12 Packs

These 12 packs from Chips Ahoy contain 48 cookies. It is around $6 when you order online at Walmart, perfect for simple and quick treats.

You can also buy bulk on Amazon for 48 packs priced around $36, which contain almost 200 cookies. 

18 Packs

The 18 snack packs from Chip Ahoy are perfect for sharing and on-the-go snacks. Each pack contains two cookies, equivalent to 36 in a single box. 

The Kosher chocolate chip cookies are around $9 at Walmart and around $35 when you buy four boxes on Amazon. 

Find out how you can lessen the sugar in chocolate chip cookies here.

Chips Ahoy Nutritional Facts

Three cookies of Chips Ahoy contain 160 calories, 8 g total fat (2.5 g saturated fat), 110 mg sodium, 22 g carbs (11 g sugar, 1 g fiber), and 1 g protein. 

The design and information in Nutrition Facts make it easier for consumers to make the right food choices to develop healthy eating habits [2].

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What is one serving of Chips Ahoy cookies?

One serving of Chips Ahoy has approximately three cookies. The serving size is not the recommended intake of a person but the average number of cookies a person eats. 

How much is Chips Ahoy?

The price of Chips Ahoy is around $3 to $40, depending on the package size and how many boxes you purchase. 

Where can you buy Chips Ahoy?

You can buy Chips Ahoy in almost every grocery store. You can also buy in bulk online, like on Amazon and Walmart. 

In Summary

Chips Ahoy is one of the best-selling cookies in the US. You can use it for many delightful desserts and serve it during a family gathering or any occasion. Or you can simply enjoy it on its own. 

A single pack of Chips Ahoy has four cookies, while the mini bag contains five to six mini cookies and the family size with approximately forty-two cookies. 

Some other packages are available, which give you more options on how many Chips Ahoy cookies you will need. 


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